Syeed Ali

Amateur writer and narrator

I'm a writer.

We all have our skills and interests, likes and dislikes; our passions are unique to us. After enough time of trying different things, the one thing that I've been truly lost in is writing. I'm a writer; it's who I am.

I don't remember how it started. I read a little when I was young, but it wasn't enough to explain growing up with a mind full of stories. Why I did it I still don't really know, but I decided to write some things down with pen on paper. I ended up writing pieces that ended up like small scenes. Shortly after, I realised I wasn't only re-using placeholders, there were fragmentarily-connected characters, places and even the suggestion of a story; a book. There's a book trapped in my head.

I'm still working on that book, but it's big, difficult, and nerve-wracking to even think about. It's the largest project I've worked on and I'm bad at digging my heels in and getting anything done. I try to recognize my limitations and I think maybe it's too big for me. I think maybe I dream too large and stare at stars all day, and I should look down at my feet and do something small.

So I have been doing something small. I write little pen-and-paper pieces in my spare time. They are raw; not "short stories", "flash fiction", "drafts", or the like, but completely unedited and entirely unplanned. I think they've turned out well enough for me to share, so I narrate them.

Worlds With Words has my narrated pieces.

Revisions of Magic is my work-in-progress novel.

Lucid Indifference is my podcast.